Cities are the places where most of the world’s population now lives and where most of its production and consumption now takes place. Cities are responsible for most of the world’s energy consumption and most of the world’s carbon emissions, and they are growing quickly. As a result, cities are central to the world’s efforts to shift to a lower carbon development path.

Cities are also the places where many of our institutions and much of our infrastructure is located. Moreover, cities are frequently located in contexts that are particularly exposed to the risks and vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  Cities are therefore at the heart of the world’s efforts to shift towards a more climate resilient development path.

The Climate Smart Cities (CSC) programme recognises that climate action in many cities depends in part on the presence of a clear, compelling economic case for action. Led by the University of Leeds, and supported by the Centre for Low Carbon Futures, research in the CSC programme has pioneered the development of new approaches that examine the economic case for cities to act on climate change.